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KF Events is a people-first company. We are driven by passion, excellence, integrity, and innovation as we work with you to create the ideal experience for you and your attendees. We approach each event as a unique opportunity to impact the lives of the attendees and are passionate about creating purposeful, focused and effective conferences.
Intentional and personal communication are at the core of KF Event’s planning process. Our team has been curated based on their extensive skill, but also on complementary personalities and strengths. We foster an environment of support and symbiotic work in our own offices, which underlines all of the work we do. The KF team is excited to work with you onsite to execute planned events or work alongside you from start to finish. Our detail-oriented process ensures a seamless transition regardless of when we step in to your event.
KF Events believes the best way to ensure a successful onsite experience is detailed and strategic planning and preparation. We have developed systems and processes that complement our personal and communicative planning style to ensure intentional logistic decisions and thorough planning from start to finish. We invite you to visit our website for a detailed look at the services we provide.
We love seeing all the hours of planning and preparation come together and watch the culmination of a successful event from both the attendee and organizer perspective. We have put in over 6,000 onsite hours since 2001 and work determinedly to assure every aspect of your event is executed flawlessly. From registrations to set-up, audiovisual to food and beverage, exhibit halls to sponsorships, KF Events will supply the necessary staff and leadership to coordinate all onsite logistics.
KF Events provides all the services you would expect from a full-service meeting management while maintaining the personal touch and collaborative nature that results in truly remarkable events.
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