Play with a Purpose in Orlando Creates Recess-Style Teambuilding Activities for Adults

Play with a Purpose in Orlando Creates Recess-Style Teambuilding Activities for Adults

Orlando is seen by many as a playground for families, but Play with a Purpose declares that it is the place for businesspeople to let loose, too. Play with a Purpose puts together teambuilding exercises for corporate conventions and makes events successful in a fun, hilarious and creative way. 
Play with a Purpose specializes in meetings and events engaging multi-generational employees in exercises to build and strengthen camaraderie. The team builders have created memorable and effective events for groups ranging in size from eight to 20,000 business minds. Some of their unique events involve community service and interactive business games. Listed below are a few of their most popular not-so-corporate events.

Surthrivorsm creates competitiveness like that of Survior with a Gilligan's Island-like humor to bring "tribes" together when trapped in the middle of nowhere. Challenged with mental and physical tasks as well as strong spirit and knowledge of their company, employees compete to be the "surthriving" tribe.
"Bridge the Gap" between teammates with generation, communication or fun gaps by challenging them to build bridges strong enough to hold a teammate. 
Spy Games puts employees through Spy Games Training Camp so that they can conquer top-secret missions involving driving fast cars, defeating dangerous bad-guys, swim under enemy lines and more. 
In the Kitchen encourages corporate teams to feel good and do good as they prepare meals for the hungry. These community service events may have teams cooking lasagna for the local homeless shelter, assembling TV dinners to be delivered to Meals on Wheels or boxing lunches for hungry kids in a day care center.
The OH-Mazing Race blends the Amazing Race TV series with the wild antics of a gumball rally and dares players to a variety of crazy activities such as roll sushi, freefall into the skydive machine, blend the perfect Cosmopolitan, stack giant Jenga blocks, do something daring or perform a team make-over.
Clipper Classic Sailing Regatta challenges teams to build a functioning boat out of cardboard and present their vessels with a team cheer. Prizes are awarded for the best boats to successfully sail across the regatta without shipwreck. 
A Gift for Teaching recognizes that nearly half the students in Central Florida cannot afford personal hygiene and school supplies or even lunch. Many teachers spend up to $1,000 of their own money to help their students. To help the teachers fund their classes, this event sends groups on a hunt for clues related to grade school subjects including geography, math and science that lead them to much-needed school supplies to donate to students in the Orlando area. 
Caring Connections helps colleagues build the knowledge and relationships with each other when they have to find as many things that they all have in common. For every commonality they discover, they provide minutes on a phone card that will be given to a U.S. soldier to connect with his or her friends and family. 

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