Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Bonnet Creek Announces the “Top Five Meeting and Event Trends for 2016”

Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Bonnet Creek Announces the “Top Five Meeting and Event Trends for 2016”

Each year the Wyndham Grand Orlando Resort Bonnet Creek assesses trends, needs and demands of the meetings industry”, stated John F. Branciforte, director of sales and marketing. The Top 5 was created as thought provokers for an ever changing marketplace.

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Trend #1: Post it, Tweet it, Tag it!

More and more, we will see Groups take advantage of the Social Media benefits, and tap to each of its sources. It’s currently happening now, and has no intention of ceasing.  Groups keep the meeting interactive, updating twitter feeds and engaging the audiences by having them participate in Instagram hashtags, throughout the conference.  Social Media has become a wonderful way for Meetings to take the technology to the millennial level, and the audience has embraced it in a very positive way.  It’s here to stay!

Trend #2: Step away Sommeliers... Make way for the Cicerones!

Gone are the days where Wine presentations and pairings are the highlight of the evening… Let’s introduce the new player in the game… BEER!  Craft Beers have made a refreshing introduction into the culinary world of pairings and Bars.  Just as important as Wine is for Sommeliers, Beer is for Cicerones.  Enhancing an event with a Cicerone pairing up assorted craft beers is a phenomenal new twist to any event.  Even to have as a Signature Bar, is a trend that we will be watching, especially for Social Events.

Trend #3: I want my own!

Smaller individualized portions, or should we say “my own”, packed with flavor will be trending for 2016. Food stations will offer individualized portions of your traditional menu items, on Buffets.  This provides portion control and a feeling that you are getting the right amount of food, as everyone nowadays is so conscious of this.  Individualized salads and desserts will lend themselves very well for this concept.  And please steer away from Mason Jars, which will not be making a comeback for 2016.  Inventive and creative vessels will be seen on Buffets, which will create a visual impact on customers.

Trend #4: Go Grand or Go Home!

Big, Bigger, Biggest!!  More and more, we will see Grand events come back to existence, as they did years ago.  Big statement Themes, Creative Food Concepts, Grandiose Décor are going to be well received for 2016.  Customers want to outdo what they’ve done before.  Menu concepts will be paired, incorporating Gold Dust or extravagant metallics, to enhance the Event and pair with the Décor and Theme.  The time has come to shine at the next meeting.

Trend #5: Interactive Presentations  

Interactive Food Presentations have been and will continue to be a Trend that will last for a while.  Customers like to feel involved, especially when there is a Chef present.  Building your own food item just gives them a different and unique experience on the food that they are about to eat.  The interaction with the Chef is enlightening to customers and they enjoy the comradery.  Stations that are “out of the ordinary” will also be a big hit.  Don’t stick to your traditional stations!  A station that you would never expect to see will be a highlight for the Event. Make it a fun one!

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