Let SeaWorld Take Your Event to New Depths

Let SeaWorld Take Your Event to New Depths

Things are ever changing over at SeaWorld Orlando. With all new attractions and shows, as well as mesmerizing event spaces, many exciting experiences await your group with an unforgettable private event at SeaWorld. 

Grab your team and strap on your virtual reality goggles; it’s Kraken like you’ve never seen it before. The all new Kraken Unleashed is a state of the art mixture of the original Kraken coaster and exciting new virtual reality technology. Hang on tight and come face to face with the virtual Kraken while the coaster races at speeds of 60 mph. This one of a kind experience is something you have to see – through your goggles – to believe. Are you ready to dive in?

Electric Ocean fireworks fountains.png

This summer, SeaWorld debuted their must see show Electric Ocean to rave reviews. Attractions Magazine called it “amazing” while others said “incredible, like nothing else in Orlando.” This breathtaking combination of fireworks, lasers, and fire is a sight you won’t want to miss. Now, groups can experience with VIP private viewing area or a modified version of the show to brighten up any private event.

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SeaWorld offers a variety of venues that provide the perfect backdrop for your next event. From Antarctica: Empire of the Penguin and Sharks Underwater Grill, where your attendees will get the opportunity to be up-close and personal with many of their favorite sea animals, to SeaWorld’s exclusive 12,000 sq. ft. meeting and event space at Ports of Call. Regardless of your party size, your event is guaranteed to feel intimate, exclusive and unexpected.

SeaWorld is always taking steps to help animals in need. With all that’s going on, SeaWorld is providing even more ways to “host an event that matters.” Even better, a portion of the proceeds from your private event go to support animals in need across the globe. Let your event help a cause.

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