See the fun offsite adventures Escapology has for meeting attendees in Orlando.

Walk into the doors of what looks like a large storefront on I-Drive into an antique filled room with maps on the wall made to look like an Explorers Club. Welcome to Escapology in Orlando.

As groups get comfortable on leather couches, the head escapologist describes how each team (up to 5 players) will work together to find clues, solve puzzles and discover the key to the escape door — all within 60 minutes. Three games have been developed by Escapology: The Cuban Crisis, Shanghaied and the Arizona Shootout. The Cuban Crisis game is loosely-but very authentically based on The Cuban Missile Crisis. First, there's a video to watch for instructions on how to get in and out of Fidel Castro's compound after "stealing" some top secret information before he returns. Then it's off to the room.

Groups are locked in (there's a key inside for those who might feel claustrophobic) and it's time to go to work. Locked boxes, leather belts, maps and other objects are all there to help solve the puzzle. The most successful teams break into smaller teams-so if one group comes to a dead end, the co-conspirators can take a look — hopefully in a different way. Groups that are really stumped can call the head escapologist who watches from outside the door via video (they can tell when a group needs a subtle hint or a strong nudge). Other games include Shanghaied, where groups must escape the clutches of Captain Kellett, and the Arizona Shootout will put groups to the test on figuring out who the outlaws are before they escape to Mexico.

"Escapology was the perfect venue to hold our 2015 Sales Kickoff meeting. By playing the escape game first the team was energized, and then very participatory during the meeting. There was a lively exchange of ideas and I believe the teambuilding that was created during the game helped create the adrenaline and flow of ideas that followed. Everyone said this was the best sales kickoff yet, and I know it will go a long way to paving our road to sales success in 2015," says Elisabeth (Liz) Hall, Director of Sales and Marketing, Crowne Plaza Orlando Universal.

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